Gümüş Creek (Mardin-Kızıltepe), Gastropoda (Mollusca) Fauna

  • Tuğrul Öntürk Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi
Keywords: Gümüs Creek, Mardin, Gastropoda, Ecology



This study was carried out to determine the fauna of the Gümüs Creek in the province of Mardin. The samples collected from 9 different stations were taken into 4% formaldehyde and brought to the laboratory and determined. The samples were labeled into formaldehyde and labeled. During the sampling process at the stations, some physico-chemical values and ecological characteristics of water were determined.

As a result of the studies, 7 species of Gastropoda class were identified. All identified species are new records for Gümüs Creek.

In this study, in our country, and every day it lost by one of the dry creek, the determination of the gastropod species Turkey has been contributing to the Gümüs Creek fauna.

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