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  • Mikhail F. Grigorev Arctic State Agrotechnological University, Yakutsk, Russian Federation http://orcid.org/0000-0002-5910-9268
  • Alexandra I Grigoreva
  • Vladimir Soloshenko
  • Natalia M. Chernogradskaya


Fattening of young horses,, feeding,, fodder additives,, metabolism,


The article presents the research on the effect of the set fodder additives from the local natural raw materials on the indices of the digestibility of nutrients, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus absorption, the dynamics of body weight and the physiology of young horses of the Yakut breed in the conditions of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia. To determine the developed formula of the set fodder additives from the local raw materials: sapropel from a local lake and coniferous flour according to cropping periods, Hongurin’s zeolite, natural Kempendyai salt, a scientific and economic experiment has been carried out on young Yakut horses’ breed of the indigenous type in the conditions of Central Yakutia. The feeding conditions for all animals of the experimental groups have been the same. But the animals in the control groups have been also fed with the set fodder additives in different proportions. The supplement of fodder additives to the daily ration of young horses has increased the digestibility of nutrients in terms of dry matter by 8.03% and 6.79%, organic matter – 7.83% and 6.48%, crude protein – 2.52% and 1.31%, crude fat – 4.01% and 2.16%, crude fibre – 12.78% and 10.63% and free-nitrogen extracts – 6.94% and 5.83%; nitrogen deposit in the horses’ body in the experimental groups by 18.38% and 7.58%, calcium – 8.28% and 5.75%, and phosphorus – 5.12% and 0.88%. The animals fed by the additives have grown up more intensively by 10.42% and 7.92%. In assessing the biochemistry and morphological composition of the blood, there have not been any adverse effects in the horses’ body.

Author Biography

Mikhail F. Grigorev, Arctic State Agrotechnological University, Yakutsk, Russian Federation

Григорьев Михаил Федорович,
кандидат сельскохозяйственных наук,
доцент кафедры зоотехники
Арктического государственного агротехнологического университета,
Российская Федерация, Республика Саха (Якутия), г. Якутск  


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